Almost cramping on trainer after weight training

As mentioned in another thread, I’ve begun mobility exercises and weight training, including planks, alternating leg, arm extensions, lying hip abductions, squats, deadlifts, bench press, and the RipRow.

During my last few Sweet Spot sessions, I’m noticing I’ve developed some twinges in my hamstrings during the intervals. It’s not a CRAMP exactly, but it feels like the precursor to one. I assume it’s related to the activation of the hips and hamstrings that is occurring during my exercises, but it’s certainly detrimental to the interval. I have NEVER cramped on the bike, and this is a horrible distraction.

Am I doing something wrong? I don’t weight train directly before trainer workouts–just twice a week for the weights, but daily for the mobilty work. Or is this something that will work itself out as I become more accustomed to the new training load added by the weights?

This is what will happen. If you haven’t squated or done other leg focused exercises in some time those can leave your legs feeling twitchy by themselves. Eventually your body will get use to the stress and this should go away.

I usually do my bike work first and then do squats and deadlifts after as I always want my best efforts on the bike. It took a month or so for me but finally I’m able to lift and ride without feeling destroyed the next day.