Covid Plans - No real short-term goal means what short-term plans?

I’m happily resigned to not going for any short-term goals other than getting more fit and enjoying riding. I’ve been prioritizing lifting 3-5x/week and will likely continue that trend. I just finished low-volume sweet spot base I, and my ramp test went up just over 10%. I was doing low-volume to prioritize hitting all the prescribed workouts and adding longer aerobic rides 2-3x/month when I was able.

I still don’t think I have time (given my other commitments/priorities) for mid-volume, and I’m learning toward rolling back to the beginning of sweet-spot base I on low volume and maybe try adding more consistent aerobic volume (1 longer ride per week). I think that more than 2-3 days of intensity will impede the weight training and that the extra intensity days on the bike would also suffer from the weights.

So, this year: enjoy riding, build aerobic base, get stronger. Next year: try some more races. My power profile is skewed toward respectable peak power, 20-40 second power being my comparative advantage, and 20±minute power being weaker on a watts/kg scale.

How would you proceed for the next few months?

My background was Judo/Karate did lots of gym work when i took up cycling and maintained weight training whilst being a Time trial cyclist. Doing weights as long as you are not trying to be a body builder. Coach Chad on trainer road has a recommended strength training plan on the TR blog. even the recommended weights based on your body mass and if you are a sprinter type by the sound of things. The low intensity sounds okay just now. Base gets your endurance systems built up steadily. As you are adding in an outdoor ride one a week, that seems fair enough. Recommend the mid volume base 1 once you fell ready. But reduce the weight training volume to same weights but reduce the rep numbers. Allow 3 minutes recovery between the reps to allow recovery. If you can do part of the weight training before the ride as part of the warm up. And the you could add some post weight training in the cool down. Over the winter when the weather is poor. move to the mid volume and watch the solid numbers improve training in sweet spot.

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