(German only) Some background on nutrition and hydration


I found the following two articles / PowerPoints from a sports physician and thought they may be interesting for others, too.

I couldn’t find an English version - so apologies for non-German speakers. Wanted to post nevertheless since many people here seem to read a lot about both topics and thought it could be interesting for some.



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I know these two scripts. i think they are a good first Look for newbies to get some idea. But many of the athletes here at TR did dig much deeper.
So for you non German speaking: it’s just the entry to the rabbit hole.

I think I qualify as newbie trying to get some idea. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have a pointer to some follow-up literature that builds on this?

Things that really helped me in the scripts above: “to protein or not to protein”, basic recipes for hydration.

Especially in the latter case I am trying to get away from the pre-made stuff - it seems expensive and I’m not sure if there is too much benefit. Am experimenting with honey and salt now.

This is a good text about liquid nutrion: triathlon-szene.de | TV | Coaching | Forum | Camps

I often ride without a mix. Just water with some salt oder Multimineraltabs for taste. Carbs I take from bars or bananas and cake, ice and Gummibears. If you want to have some really good race food: take a look at Allen Lims Portables or the cookbook.

If I do a mix on my own I take water + sugar + maltodextrin 12 + grapejuice and salt. I mix it to have a ratio of 3-4:1 of dextrose:sugar. So I can drink up to 100g of carbs per hour. Often I ad some apple vinegar to soften the sweet taste.

And here is a mix made by Herbert Steffny: Marathon, Wettkampfgetränk, Trinken, Marathontraining, Jogging, Laufseminar Laufen He drinks it himself and had given it to Joshka Fischer the former german foreign minister as he run his marathon.

Hopefully I can help a bit.

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This is great information, thanks a lot!