Core Work For New Rider

I’ve been riding for a couple of years and am curious if core work would be beneficial. Can anyone recommend what exercises are most beneficial?

For myself, after a lot of experimenting with bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Turns out swinging kettlebells and related work is moving the needle. Mostly conditioning work but I’m solid as a rock and putting a little more power into the pedals. Recently I’ve posted routines if you are interested.

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For me the most important thing I think is avoiding injury. Too much cycling (and especially if you have a desk job) will lead to major imbalances. I like to do exercises that strengthen the posterior chain - the whole back, especially between the shoulder blades (such as Ys, Ts, Is while on a bench/exercise ball) and the glutes/hamstrings (RDLs, clamshells, etc). After about 10 years of almost nothing but cycling, I am getting into more weight training in the off season finally after realizing the toll that only cycling will take on your body. Wish I had paid attention sooner.

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The plank is probably the best. But if you google the subject lots of info comes up.


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Ah the old GCN team :balloon:

To OP: the most important thing is to start doing something, finding the best exercise is secondary.