Strength exercises

hi,can someone tell me which exercises i have to do for the strengh without bike ? now my training plan is build medium volume

I’m gonna link this article, too, but it’s ‘good and bad’. I think renegade rows or what this article calls planking rows are one of the best core exercises you can do for cycling. Also, planks are great…side planks, front planks, etc…and if you really want to follow a real deal, division I core development routine go to youtube and look up k-state’s pedestal routine. But what TR suggest in this article is still pretty good.

But pistol squats are not strength training ‘basics’ in my opinion. :smiley: Yikes. I knew olympic level weightlifters who could not do pistols.

I have been working with Menachem Brodie for 8 months, he is a strength coach for cyclist and the results have been AMAZING. Maybe you could start by reading his book the vortex method, it’s great and cheap in kindle image

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