TR power gains without matching core strength == very sore back

Had a fantastic Sunday club ride today due to a great base fitness foundation from 6 weeks of TR building. My advanced maturity (OAF) wasn’t much of a problem while staying connected during a few strong ‘selection’ efforts (usually, hill attacks ugg) and some very fast pace lining.

But last night and today, my back is killing me! In order to deliver all my hard earned power takes a lot more core strength, something I haven’t been working on with my time crunched schedule. Somehow I need to find time to work it.

Any advice on how to mix this in? Before, after, instead of regular sessions?

A large thread with lots of discussion, including timing.

Interesting core ideas from Hellen Wyman can be found here:

@mcneese.chad Thanks… that blog post did have the tip to try to do a morning/evening workout pattern:

“This is one reason we recommend spacing your strength training workouts as far apart from your cycling workouts as possible. For example, if you do your cycling workout in the morning, it’s best to tackle your strength training routine in the evening.”

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Yep…lots of great info out there about how/what to do for core strength training, Lots of info confirming that I should have started back during Thanksgiving break.

Should I do mini-core sessions (like wyman suggests @ 10-min/day) in the AM, and hit the trainer at night?
Should I give up some on bike workouts to do more extensive core+strength work?

(As a 50-60+ work hours-a-week athlete, I strives for a balanced life in the remaining few that is more than just my bike. Sometimes I have friends letting me know my balance as tipped too far. When to add, when to trade, when to subtract?)

The basic idea is to make hard days hard, and easy days easy. The ideal from this paper is cycling workouts in AM, and gym in PM. If you do opposite (gym in AM and cycling PM), then maximize the amount of time between them.

Personally I’m doing weight training & bodyweight for strength at 6am, and cycling workouts in afternoon 5pm or later. Hoping to trying switching that around this summer.


It only looks weird to do planks at the office for a little while, then people get used to it :wink:

FWIW, I finally bit the bullet last fall and committed to consistent core work My routine takes only about 10 minutes 3 times a week and if I am pressed for time, I can still get some benefits from just 5 minutes. The silver lining to having a super weak core is it does not take much to make improvements! It really has helped my back, both on and off the bike.

I feel the biggest benefit came from doing dead lifts. I was inspired to do dead lifts by the TR video and was quickly sold - best bank for the buck exercise known to man.

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What’s your routine? I’m looking for something exactly like you described…

My son is 19 and has gotten into lifting this year. We go to the gym as often as he wants me around :wink: and we went yesterday. We had back/core in general to do. As an old alpine ski racer guy we did tons of squats even cleans but, I’ve never done dead lifts until yesterday. Holy sh!t! What an incredible lift. We had a trainer show us proper form and did super light weight but, my hamstrings really got nailed. Back is ok and I feel it but, the hamstrings…wow! Totally going to add this to my routine now!

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Have a look here:

Some other example routine you can pick workouts from and adjust duration/repetitions as individually suitable for you:
2:30 min Plank
50 Supermen (clap hands over back and head counting when hands clap over head)
25 Spiderman Push-Ups
25 Stand-Ups
25 Side Plank each side with arm twists holding 2kg
50 Straight Leg Levers
25 Burpees

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