Contrast and colours in Calendar

Not sure what everyone else sees, but I’m on a Macbook and using the Calendar with Google Chrome. When looking at the Calendar and scrolling the TSS timeline at the top, I find the mouse-over contrast that occurs for the corresponding calendar week to be barely discernible. It’s a verrry light shade of grey. Other aspects of the calendar also could use some attention with colours, imo.

My suggestions/requests are:

  • Could the current week be highlighted in a colour at the top in the TSS timelines?
  • Could the mouse-over contrast of the corresponding calendar week be increased or shaded a different colour instead of grey?
  • Perhaps even providing the 6wk rolling TSS trendline with a colour other than grey could also be done to make this area a bit more readable/attractive.

For sure, right now the whole thing is still a simple and unobtrusive look’n’feel, however I just think a little tweaking with colour contrasting could help.


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Hey Oblewis!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in! A lot of the design choices for the Calendar were made very deliberately to reflect the TrainerRoad design language, however, I will pass on your suggestions to our team :slight_smile:

Hi Oblewis,

If you are up to a bit of coding in CSS, you could install a Chrome extension such as ‘Stylish’ (there are others out there too), then navigate to the TR Calendar page, then click the extension, and Create new style.

Then define a CSS entry for the relevant part you want changed. So for the calendar week highlighting when moving the mouse over the TSS week, you need something like this:

.calendar__week–hover {
background: lightyellow;

Give the entry a name, specify a particular ‘applies to’ url and save. Each time you hit this page, it will use the CSS you have defined instead.

Note, this will slow down your browser page load response a bit but it might be what you need.