Calendar Feature Request - Custom Colours

Hi @Nate @Jonathan @chad and Trainer Road staff.

I have been using a Google Drive spreadsheet to plan my races, big events etc. I have colour coded them so I can easily see A, B, C races and steady state races/events vs interval/fartlek type events. It would be nice to have this option with the TR calendar, as I am finding it not that easy to see events at a glance like my spreadsheet. I’d like to dump my spreadsheet, but for now, the spreadsheet is easier and faster to get a grasp of what’s coming up.

I hope that makes sense. I could see this being good to have a colour for say “sick” annotations too, so it would be easy to see days you were sick.


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We updated our race priority styling once to make it more apparent but I think it could be bolder, anyone else have an opinion?

We’re also going to add races up at the top of the tss chart, that will make it easier to tell what’s going on.

There is a color option for annotations, it’s on the bottom. Is that what you’re talking about?


Ahh I guess I should have made an annotation first before mentioning that. To my defence, it was a last second addition to my post.
So yeah that colour option available to all additions, especially “other” activities.

PS I just made a red annotation, not what I had in mind. I was thinking the entire cell background filled with the selected colour. So for my own spreadsheet, I use the cell background colour as A, B and C event denoting and the text colour to denote steady state vs fartlek event. If that helps.
Here’s a snippet of my spreadsheet which probably explains it better @Nate


I submitted a pic example for race priority.

It was based on primary colors.
A = Red
B = Yellow
C = Blue

I also included the idea of shapes too
A = Triangle
B = Square
C = Circle

Something that can be easily identified without actually reading was my idea.


maybe this only applies to triathlon , but id like to see some colorization of the workout types themselves so they stand out a little bit more. The little banner under the card where the workout icon looks perfect for this.

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How about a different Colour for Training Plan Rides and then a diff col. for addition workouts, I’m following SSB1 & have added in some additional workouts - it would be good if I had an easy way to tell them apart.

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I’ve just been playing with the calendar over lunch, I was thinking along the same lines as @Tommo (this forum is working well!). It would be really nice for different sports to be identified by different colours (along the lines of what Garmin does with Connect, I guess). The little icons for the triathlon disciplines are nice, but they’re not as obvious as different colours would be for a quick glance. A friend suggested that the shade of colour could even vary depending on TSS; starting with a very pale colour for a skipped workout.

I would love it too if in the future the TSS graph could be toggled between a the current graph showing a combined total, and another graph showing the three sports independently. I expect that might have to wait until much later, perhaps when the workout files for these activities are being imported.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone! What I’m hearing is: It’s hard tell the difference of some things on the calendar; wether it be types, plans, races, etc.

Our designers have heard your feedback. We’re building a new “card” style which will hopefully make things more clear. Once that launches I’d like to give it a few weeks to “settle in” then get more feedback and improve it again…and again…until we nail it.