Continue to speciality or return to another base and build

Hello all. 48 old, very light male, without races or events here.
I finished the base and build of low volume climbing race plan and just started rest week before the speciality.
Started this winter season close to my peak (3.9w/Kg) and was wondering, how if possible at all, I could reach over 4.1w/Kg with this low volume training plan. Being at 4.0 at the moment (AI detection) and after inserting one week of low volume endurance week after flu in the middle of build phase, I have no other goals but being as fast as I can and would like to peak sometime before summer, but I feel the lack of endurance for longer rides. My typical rides are somewhere between 1 - 2,5h long, but would like to be able to ride strong for longer. Did middle volume plan a couple years ago and found it very demanding, even burned out a bit, so it scares me…due to everything else life throws at working family guys. I can’t really see where I could insert extra 4 hours of training a week…but it produced the best results yet.

I wonder if neglecting speciality and doing another blocks of base and build would do me more good?

Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

I felt the same after a Rolling Road race plan last year. I did a TT block and it helped me hold power for longer on my long rides.

Hey @rackopacko!

It sounds like the Low Volume would be the way to go still :slight_smile:

Your goal sounds clear to me, “being as fast as I can and would like to peak sometime before summer”.

Since you want to be able to ride strong for longer but also increase your fitness, I would recommend looking into a masters version of the plan you’re already on :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead of getting 3 HIIT workouts per week, you get 2 + 1 Endurance workout. You could place the one endurance ride on your schedule wherever it works for you and use Custom Workout Duration caps to make that ride as long as possible to get some more low-intensity stimulus in. This way you’re getting in some productive FTP-boosting workouts and some longer endurance rides each week.

Out of interest , what did a TT block focus on ?

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Mostly threshold and endurance work. You can check out the plans, here is just a snapshot.

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If I understand your question correctly… the medium volume plan you did before was a bit much, correct? If it was the normal medium volume plan then it was 5x days a week with one endurance day?

I would manually step up from the low volume plan you’re on now.

First start by adding 1x day a week to your existing plan manually using train now. Try an endurance ride to start. If this is good, then you could stay at 4 days a week, but instead of doing endurance pick another type of interval workout using train now. Switch it up based on what you like.

The second step up would be go to to a full medium volume, 5x days a week, but use the Masters Plan which has 2x interval days and 3x endurance days.

That would be my thoughts, hope that helps.

Thanks the TT seems pretty similar to my adapted grand fondo- I do the long endurance stuff at weekends

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Your advice incorporates gradualy more time in the saddle, which is something I might not be able to get. Might…I need to rethink what I actually want and am capable to invest…puzzled at the moment. Dropping intensity at such low volume and expecting gains all over the place seems unreasonable. Also, adding endurance time, perhaps at the cost of some higher end wko’s here and there seem more enjoyable, specially now when it is not to cold anymore to go cycling outside…
Doing speciality - masters version - also leaves some room and fuel for weekend social rides…which can very a lot.
Got interesting thinking waypoints from you all; thank you!