Connecting to TR for the first time

I signed both my husband and I up for TR before the price increase! What I didn’t do was check what was needed in order to use our iPhones with TR which was what we were planning on using. It looks like we need a wahoo key (x2) for 70 bucks a piece along with an apple lighting adapter. On the TR website it reads that non Apple adapters are not supported. But when I follow the link to the Apple store it shows that they no longer have the product. So, is there a way to connect the phones without having to spend $140 plus try to find Apple adapters somewhere?

What kind of hardware are you connecting to the iPhones? Maybe it does support Bluetooth?

My husband just has a Garmin speed and cadence sensors and I have the same as well as Garmin Vector 3 power meter.

@gabbi There is a device that converts ANT+ to Bluetooth for $60.

We are using Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and Rock and Roll.

Garmin Vector 3 supports Bluetooh. You can at least connect this. It should also broadcast cadence.

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Here are some helpful articles. There are many more than that, but these are likely what you need.


Thanks! Power and cadence are what I’m interested in seeing. That works for me!