Wahoo or Garmin ANT+ Dongle with Trainer Road, Garmin Sensors & IOS (iPhone X)

Hi There,

I just got my Rock and Roll Trainer and starting up with Trainer Road iOS App. as well. I have a Garmin Tri Heart Rate Monitor, Garmin 520 Plus Bike Computer, Garmin Cadence Sensor and Garmin Speed Sensor. I’m using the Trainer Road IOS App and trying to determine which ANT+ dongle to get.

The Trainer Road App says… “To connect your ANT+ devices with the Trainer Road IOS app you will need a Wahoo-made ANT+key and an Apple-made 30-Pin to Lightning adapter (depending on your iOS device)”

I have an iPhone X and wanted to know if I should get the Wahoo-made ANT+ key as suggested in the trainer road app or if I should get this Garmin ANT+ USB Key since all my stuff is Garmin and I use Garmin connect? I was not sure if there is a difference between the Wahoo item and the Garmin item? Will the Gramin fit into the Apple 30-Pin to Lightning Adapter and work with the Trainer Road App.? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thank You

In the past I used the Apple 30-pin to lightning adapter with the Wahoo key. Over a year ago I verified iPhone/ANT+ was working on Zwift and TrainerRoad. But I haven’t used it lately, having since moved to iPhone/Bluetooth for connected with Kickr/Stages power/Wahoo TickrX. That setup supports dual ANT+ and Bluetooth, so I can use TR on my iPhone and simultaneously record with Edge 520 bike computer.

As far as I know, the USB adapter is not supported on iPhone (it might work on newer iPads), so you should ask TR support for official status.

That Garmin ANT+ USB key is for a laptop, not an iPhone.

The Wahoo ANT+ key may or may not work w/the newer versions of iOS and iPhones. You will need to double check with TrainerRoad. Send support an email or do a live chat.

Personally, if using an iPhone, I would go with Bluetooth instead of ANT+.