Confused with my Ramp Test result

Hello everyone. Been a TR user for 2 years. I finished my ramp test workout earlier this day and I’m a bit confused with the result. My last highest 1-minute power was 269 so that gave me a 201 FTP, but TR suggested a 204 FTP. Should I adjust it from 204 to 201? Here’s a photo of my RT result.

Power source: Faverio Assiomas Single-sided

It seems to me that you did 51 seconds after the 269w 1min. Since every second counts 204 sounds good.
If you want to make sure, check your 1min power from the the graph not from the “steps”


Niko already hit the nail on the head.

In any case, being off a few watts isn’t a noticeable amount. You’re probably within power meter tolerances anyway.

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204w vs 201w is, in all reality, the same anyway - will make no difference to training zones or efforts and within accuracy of most (all?) Power meters anyway.

Don’t sweat it - choose 201 or 204 makes no difference (except to ego obviously…I’d choose 204! :joy:)


Thank you for all your replies! I was really that particular when it comes to FTP as I don’t want to train at a wrong FTP. :sweat_smile: Hoping I could be as strong as you guys are! Thanks!

As others have mentioned, the difference is very small. Also the 75% is just an average and your FTP could be higher or lower anyway. Depending on how the intervals feel you could then apply your own adjustment factor on top of the ramp test result.