Confused about "Associated with:" tag strategy

I’m confused about when I should Associate an unstructured outdoor ride with a workout. My TR plan is to ride on Tues, Thurs. Saturday and for the past month or so I have been riding outside (with a power meter) for most of the rides. For the solo rides I will attempt to ride the TR workout profile with my Garmin Edge 530 and then I “Associate” the outdoor ride with the workout. Should I also be “Associating” unstructured group rides? I’ve searched a bit in the forum and many people refer to upcoming changes in AT version 2… has that happened yet? If the algorithm takes into account all outdoor rides, what is the point of having an “Associate” option?

  • It’s not generally advised to associate group rides or other efforts that are more “random” and not following a prescribed workout.
  • No, we are still waiting for that feature.
  • As of now, it does not, so the Association is still necessary when it is appropriate.

Thanks for the prompt reply! If I don’t associate a workout, should I ever be deleting workouts from my plan, or should I just leave them on the calendar as missed?

Great question and one I always forget what the “right” answer is.

  • I think Adaptive Training will do mostly the same thing whether you leave it there (skipped) or delete it entirely.
  • AT should recognize that you didn’t do a prescribed workout, and then adjust pending workouts in the same Zone appropriately (usually lower the pending ones). Hopefully someone can give a more concrete answer on that front since my memory is fuzzy on that detail.
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Did some searching: Looks like leaving / skipping is the best approach (not deleting).