Associating Outdoor Ride with Outdoor Workout

Quick question; today I had a bike workout that ended up with some really stable power (which is a rarity for me). I’ve been in the AT beta for a while, and this is my first outdoor workout while being in it. I know they’re not auto-associated, but I am wondering if I should:

  1. Find a workout that matches the outdoor ride profile
  2. Schedule it as an outdoor workout for today
  3. Associate them

Thoughts? Thanks!!

Here’s an update from yesterday about associating outdoor workouts for progression levels.

My personal take is that if you rode without structure, keeping it unassociated may be better for the ML in the long run. This assumes ML calculations are retroactive when unstructured rides become supported (a high priority for the team based on posts from TR folks on this forum and Nate on the podcast). If you’re not concerned with that then you can certainly associate them an potentially benefit from the above.

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I did the Dutch Diesel Endurance Ride on Zwift this morning and decided to have a go at associating it with a workout afterwards as it was a fairly constant effort.

It’s a very subjective exercise.
2hrs at 220w Ave (76% of FTP), 229w Normalised, Intensity of 0.79.
Looking at the the tempo workouts you could argue a case for a large number of workouts being a valid match to the ride, which a huge range in the Workout Levels for them.

In the end i decided it is a bit of a wasted exercise for Endurance and Tempo as the levels for these do not really effect what i do outdoors on an Endurance/Tempo ride or the workouts I do indoors from following a plan.

I chose Will Rogers by the way, but I think I will just unassociate it as the match was very subjective. I can however see the value for those who do more structured workouts outdoors than me

How do you associate an outdoor TR ride with the TR workout. For example, i selected a ride from TR, pushed it out to my garmin, rode it and was fed back up to my calendar via strava. However, the “associated with” box is blank, and the calendar won’t let me fill it in. Any ideas? Thanks