"Associated With" Feature for Group Workouts


The “Associated With” feature is great for outdoor rides. Can it also be implemented with Group Workouts?


Thanks, Marcus. This WOULD be great! Passing along to the team for consideration. Cheers.

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Hey following up, I passed this along to the team and after some testing, it sounds like they should be auto-associating or can be manually associated, to appear similar to outside workouts.

Can you confirm if you’re having trouble manually associating or if maybe Im misunderstanding this request?

The group workout is not being associated with the planned workout that plan builder added to the calendar originally. So at the end of the day I have one workout completed (the group workout) and one workout skipped (the original one).

It’s my understanding that when I do an outdoor workout, TR automatically adds it to the calendar, and when it is associated with the workout that I had scheduled for that day, the original item on the calendar gets removed, rather than remaining there in the “skipped“ status

Hmm okay. After we ran through some trials, everything was auto-associating similar to outdoor workouts, so maybe reach out to the team at support@trainerroad.com so we can make sure you’re on the most current version and that something isn’t amiss!
Sorry for the trouble, but they’ll sort you out.