Feature request: stop auto associating workouts to outdoor rides

Can we set it so that outside workouts don’t automatically associate with an outdoor ride?

If I set my workout to be outdoors, it automatically associates it to my morning commute. It then tries to change my plan levels and create adaptations for the workout that I didn’t do. I then have to disassociate the workout from the commute so that it will sync to my Garmin again so that I can do my workout later.

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ANd what does this mean?

Not sure specifically what it is flagging, but from the screenshot it looks like you tried to post this with the original title of “Feature request” and nothing more.

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I have a workaround for this!
Leave the workouts set to indoor until after the morning commute is done. The morning commute will sync and appear separate from the indoor ride. After that, you can set the indoor workout to ‘outside’, and complete it. Once the outdoor workout is complete, it’ll sync back into TrainerRoad and auto-associate with the outside workout, not the commute. :+1:


Sorry, that doesn’t work. It just auto associates with my commute after the fact:

Oh shoot! Apologies, I had some help testing this out but we didn’t realize it would auto-associate even afterward.

We are still taking note of your Feature Request, but here’s another workaround until then:

You’ll still want to have your rides scheduled for indoors, but you’ll also want to schedule “other” bike activities for the days you do commutes. you can set this as a recurring activity if you consistently do the commutes, or you’ll need to add them on the days you do commutes before you actually do the commute. So you’ll have an “other” bike activity scheduled and you’ll also have an indoor workout scheduled.
After the commute is completed, it’ll sync into TR and auto associate with the planned “other” bike activity. At that point, you can then switch the indoor ride to outside. Once the outside workout is complete, it should sync and auto associate to the planned outside workout!

Sorry its not the easiest solution, we will brainstorm what this feature request could look like and think of more ways to make that scenario more simple in the future.

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Oh no! Looks like a bug that those are auto-associating. We’ll report to the development team and get on a fix shortly. Until then, you’ll have to manually un-associate on the days you commute. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I commute daily, I think I will just continue dealing with it for now :rofl:

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Don’t know if this will work but may be worth a punt; set a ‘workout time’, might help to break the association

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I forgot about that feature. As far as I can tell, it does nothing at all (I tried). :rofl: