Do I still need to "Associate" my rides outside of TR

Just completed a zwift race that by all accounts would be a stretch ride if it was a TR workout. I don’t see the option to associate like previous and there is no TR plan progression.

Sort of a loaded question:

  1. TR has not released Workout Levels 2.0 which is aimed at analyzing ALL workouts, races & rides. As such, there is no direct analysis of these imported events in TR with respect to Progression Levels. That said, any ride with power imported to TR WILL be used in the AI FTP Detection tool.

  2. In order to manually associate an imported ride with a TR workout, you must have a desired TR workout added to the calendar on that same day.

  3. Per #2 above, TR only recommends associating imported rides if the ride done was aimed at the selected workout. Unless the ride followed the intent, they see association to “random” events as a potential issue. Things like the zones and related Progression Levels could be wildly different, especially if the outside effort had no “structure”.

TL:DR, what you are suggesting is not recommended by TR.


Post a picture of the ride and the workout you’re thinking of associating it with and we’ll give you marks out of 10 as a guide. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Velvetelvis,

I just want to state once again that we highly recommend that you do not associate non-TrainerRoad workout activities with TrainerRoad workouts.

It’s best to simply accept that you did a hard ride and hope that you gain some fitness from it. Trying to communicate this to the TR software as of now isn’t going to get you any further ahead in your training progression.

I’ve seen things go sideways many times for athletes who start to do this because the work done in the ride usually isn’t the same (especially when racing) as what is prescribed in the TrainerRoad workout.

The question TR is asking in this situation is, “Did you complete this TR workout?” and the answer, as of now, can only be Yes or No.

As @mcneese.chad mentioned, further down the road, we’ll have tools in place to analyze these rides for what they are and use them while planning your training progression, but for now, being honest with the software is always going to be your best bet for success. :trophy:


Why is this so hard? TrainingPeaks has been doing this for ages!

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TrainingPeaks has Progression Levels that are used to select pending workouts and adapt training plans over time?

I have not spent much time in TP to know what can be extracted from their deeper data, but I have not seen a parallel to PL and it’s use with AT in the TR ecosystem.


Just to be clear, it might be worth explaining our reasoning behind this for those who don’t know. :man_teacher:

Communicating to the TR software that you’ve done any one of our workouts that has a specific Workout Level calculated for it when, in fact, you haven’t followed the workout’s structure is going to mislead the software when it calculates which workouts it should prescribe to you next.

It’s possible to have completed an unstructured ride that might even have the same IF, TSS, NP, and so on, but the structure of the work you did to get there could have been completely different than the TR workout, and so it didn’t provide the same type of stress or likely, the same adaptations needed to knock out workouts of a similar type at the next level.

This almost always leads to TR workouts being prescribed that are far too hard for that athlete at the time.

Not all TSS is created equal and how you got there makes a big difference!

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@John_Dunn One more clarifying point we wanted to make:

TrainingPeaks will attempt to auto-match your ride file with a planned workout without any sort of verification that the ride in question is actually relevant to the workout itself.

In TrainingPeaks, there aren’t any consequences if the planned workout doesn’t match what was actually uploaded, whereas in TrainerRoad we depend on that data to be accurate in order to properly inform Adaptive Training moving forward. Inaccurate data fed to Adaptive Training may lead to inappropriate workouts being served for your current fitness levels, which then hurts your overall training plan and progress toward your goals.

This is why it’s important to mark only workouts you’ve actually done as prescribed as completed and also why it takes a lot more work for us to build a smart feature like this into our software. We’re working on it though!

Finally, if you do an Outside Workout from TrainerRoad, your uploaded ride file will automatically associate with the corresponding TR workout on your TR Calendar – so that bit’s already been taken care of. :slight_smile:

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I’ll do the association if the ride included the intervals specified in the associated workout. That way, I’ll get credit and progression from said workout and also get the additional training stress from the balance of the ride (which is ignored by adaptive training, but included in calendar metrics). That said, most zwift races are gonna be all over the place and unlikely to align with a structured workout. It’s a useful feature for doing your intervals within an otherwise unstructured ride, but I wouldn’t recommend using it when there isn’t a pretty clean match on the intervals.

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