Quick release for GoPro-style mount?

I’ve got a K-edge combo mount that has a GoPro mount on the bottom of it. I’ve also got some headlights with the mating option to that mount. problem is, that it’s fiddly to change the light, is there any way to add a quick release of some sort to this to facilitate easier swaps that you’ve seen?

There are a few people that 3D print bike mounts. Shapeway is one of them. If you don’t see what you need they can probably make it.

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Assuming one side of the Go Pro mount is threaded (as opposed to requiring a nut) just get a Thumb screw for Go Pros. You can order a batch of 10 for a couple of bucks on Amazon.

I have also used wing nuts for mounts that aren’t threaded.

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I suppose that wouldn’t be any clunkier looking than some kind of quick release adapter.

I use this garmin varia mount with a quick release 1/4 turn mount for my go pro. If you keep the mount on your go pro housing it works pretty well.

Yea, I run that on a different bike, but I’ve got a nice new bike with a fully integrated frontend, including the computer mount.

If it’s treaded, find out the thread pitch and length and order a thumb bolt off eBay. Should be like an m5 x .8 x 16mm
The head needs to have some leverage on it because you need to give it some umph.