Completing plan through Zwift rides

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem between my trainer and pedals which means that I can’t use power meter link anymore, which makes my trainer inaccurate to my pedals. I have my trainer controlled by TR, and my pedals paired to Zwift.

My question is, if I get to the end of the workout in TR but delete the ride, will the Zwift data sync in (via Strava or Garmin Connect) and show the workout as complete and plan compliance maintained?

Zwift will create its own FIT file. You can grab it off of your hard drive and manually upload it to TR, then match it to the workout to maintain plan compliance.


Also, assuming you have Zwift sync’d to Strava, TR should import that as a completed “outside” ride. You generally need to manually associated that outside/Z ride with a planned TR ride (at least when I have left it as the “inside” option… maybe “outside” option will auto sync, but I don’t usually do that).


Cheers. Yeah, ok that’s as I thought.

But deleting the TR ride at the end of the workout won’t delete the “planned” ride will it?

Hopefully this is temporary, as I have a replacement motherboard )!) to put in. As an aside, why do tech companies get away with expecting the consumer to get the screwdrivers out but everyone else prohibits it in the warranty?

The Zwift file hasn’t synched through Strava today although other rides last week have. Is the manual option only through the desktop app?

Does TR block the sync if it looks like a duplicate? I’m sure I used to get double files six months or so back.

Not as far as I’ve found when I’ve had to bail on a workout.

Assuming you have it sync’d, you can “match” the zwift ride with the planned workout in the calendar. As @mcneese.chad mentioned, if you have it in the calendar as an outside ride, it will automatically “match” but then you’d lose the inside TR workout from your schedule.

fwiw I run TR via Ant+, and then send to zwift on bluetooth (just not as “controllable” in zwift). I haven’t tried controlling via bluetooth on my phone, and broadcasting bluetooth to zwift, but maybe worth a try?

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Zwift stores the FIT file locally on your hard drive. I’m on MacOS so it is in Documents | Zwift | Activities. May be different on Windows, tablet, or phone. You can also download it from Zwift Companion. The article below should help.

Support email has confirmed they dont sync if they overlap.

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Yeah, I haven’t used desktops or laptops for my hobbies for years. Mobile First!
Might have to use a desktop for the manual file upload.

I second this. I was on the horn with then yesterday regarding the same “issue”. He told me to delete the TR one and the other one will sync.

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Okay, again with help from support I disassociated the ride from the workout in Calendar then deleted it. I could upload the .fit file by downloading it from Zwift Companion>Activities then on TR web pages open Past Rides>Import Rides

On iPhone at least the .fit files are greyed out. I opened Files app and compressed it so it appeared as a .zip, then the Past Rides>Import Rides worked.

As below, quite significant differences depending on the Zumo or the Powertap pedal data:

Choosing device pairing and apps (with the inevitable differences between pedals and a trainer) is a whole separate discussion / issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah well I just felt I needed to justify the whole flap I’m going through. :slightly_smiling_face: I might’ve lost nearly 10 whole TSS :fearful::crazy_face:

Edit: In fact neither gave me the 36mins of Sweet Spot Carson is meant to deliver.

In case anyone has my problem, now they know :smiley:

Stop the workout just before it ends and discard it. Then the Zwift data syncs through via Strava and match it manually in Calendar.

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