Completed TR Workouts Not Showing on Garmin Devices

I do remember having all my indoor TR workouts showing up on my Garmin devices previously ( Fenix 5 and Edge 530). Now it does not show up despite all the workouts are synced through Garmin Connect. Has anything changed ? It’s not the end of the world however just a bit annoying that my watch is telling me that I am being unproductive.

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I got a Garmin watch for Christmas and was wondering the same thing. My TR completed workouts are on Garmin Connect but not appearing in the activities screen on my watch. My outdoor rides from my Garmin Edge show up fine. Did you find a solution?

I tried recording today’s TR workout directly onto my watch, but my watch can’t get the speed info from my Wahoo Kickr. I don’t think the watch supports power. Do you know if that’s possible.

Which watch? Have you enabled Physio True-Up? Instructions to do that are here:

I bought a Edge 530 bike computer in August. The only way I’ve found to get the “interesting” features to work is to record TR workouts on Edge 530. Maybe someone with a watch has a different experience.

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Thanks. I checked and Physio Trueup is on. It’s the Vivoactive 3, which is one of the cheaper watches. I might record my TR workouts on my Edge 1000 as that syncs to the watch fine. But I think I’ll not bother.

I just recorded the workout as indoor bicycle with no info except the heart rate and cadence as I could pair those two sensors. I don’t think I can get the speed off the kickr and my watch doesn’t record power. The session approximated a calorie expenditure similar to Trainer Roads estimate. I don’t really need anymore info on my watch as it’s all on TR.



My Strava links to TR, and Garmin Links to Strava- Tacx Neo heart rate and power Erg mode for Tacx Neo, but after the ride the Garmin won’t give. E credit for it. It shows the ride on Connect, but like others it shows training status unproductive…I don’t know why, it has all the data. It’s just because the 530 isn’t sending the ride .

It’s because the ‘interesting’ metrics are all part of the first beat suite which only works at the moment of recording. It doesnt work on old data.

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Thanks for the insight.

I guess there is no workaround the issue at the moment. I have tried recording the my indoor rides separately on my Fenix or Edge. However that raises another issue where I will get redundant workouts saved on both Strava and Garmin Connect.

For now I will just avoid the Garmin Training status on my watch and just focus on using the TR calendar.