Compex vs Normatech (Compression Recovery Boots)

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I think the science on recovery boots is probably mixed at best. With that said, if they make you feel better and you feel like you get more out of your recovery because of them, then they’re probably worth it.

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I have them, they feel really good, and I use them during bigger training blocks.

The science is inconclusive, but I usually end up taking a short nap/meditating when I use them, so at the very least, I’m getting a benefit there of relaxing a bit.

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Good to know Chad, ty!

Seems the general consensus is no scientific evidence of their (boots) benefit but if it makes you feel better, it’s probably helping some aspect of recovery whether psychological or physiological. I have to ASSume it can’t hurt so I might give them a shot

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They’ve been mentioned a few times on the podcast and I’m pretty sure the consensus was it was hard to see if there was more benefit derived Vs just laying down to do nothing for the same period of time.

I know the evidence isn’t exactly there from the science stand point but the placebo effect can be a real thing.

I have a pair of Air Relax (cheaper than Norma, Rapid Reboot, etc). Love em. I also have a bad right ankle that will swell with longer runs and I hop into the boot after a long run as well to help with swelling. I would say they are effective for that for sure.

Overall, I think they are worth it. Its a good compliment to other recovery methods.

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I have a set from air relax and I don’t feel like it’s a game changer for most days. Most of a time a nice foam roller session will suffice. I’m on the low volume plan though. Sometimes after sitting or standing for a long time, it is really nice to slap on the boots and essentially give yourself a massage. I also got to try Normatecs and I feel like they have a better compression system. It can progressively compress at a higher resolution with more chambers? whereas the air relax has 4 chambers. I don’t feel like I got any placebo effect and in fact my RPE is higher after being treated with the air relax sometimes. Maybe I need to tone down the pressure. Something I’ll be experimenting with the next couple of months.

I have the same ones and I would agree with the above.

I used a team mates Air Relax for 6 days of intense racing and thought they worked well enough that I’ve been looking for a set since I returned.

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I’m not saying they didn’t feel good, force your to lay down and relax as well as provide a very good placebo effect; I just question that they actually improve recovery. I recommend reading this:


I tried a pair of the Air Relax “shorts” after my Gran Fondo a couple weeks ago and really liked it–these ones go from just above the knee to the lower back so working the lower back and glutes was really nice for me (since I also raced a 10k the day before). I wasn’t as sore the next day as I expected to be, but hard to say if that was from the Air Relax session of course. They’re cheap enough in USD that I’d be willing to grab a pair, but in CDN it’s a little much :cry:.


Looking to get some Recovery Boots anyone has any expierence with this?


Yes! I have the Normatech boots that I just picked up on a great Black Friday deal last year. They generally feel good using them after a workout (bike or weights). I find that my legs don’t hurt quite as much as they normally would the next day. Its winter here and I am only riding TR Low Volume so the real test will be after long outdoor rides in the summer.

Be careful with the brand you purchase, some of them don’t have overlap between sections so blood is pushed between the sections rather than up to the body (at least in theory, not sure about in practice).

This guy does great reviews of many different boot brands.
Ultimate Compression Boot Review - YouTube

This guy seems to have good reviews, but the way his ads show on google for his site makes me suspicious:

(in that he might make money off of pushing one brand over another. There is lots of marketing money in these things)

Persoanlly have the Normatech boots got back in 2020 pre covid, mostly went with them cause of the battery so I could use them on bike tours without being near power (BRAG, Bike Virginia,…) They do make my legs feels much better after using them but can’t say if they are any better then the other brands as I have no experience. Currently the chamber closest to the top of my leg feels like when it deflates during a cycle it doesn’t deflate enough, but haven’t done anything about that yet.

My 45 yo body definitely notices a marginal gain from time in the boots. Placebo or not I don’t care. It’s not a strong response for sure, but more of a low level additive effect. If I were making a research study, it would have to be structured carefully to pick anything up for sure.

Hi, does anyone have any feedback on the use of compression boots to aid recovery? I find my legs quite achey after a hard threshold workout and was wondering if these would help with recovery after. I’m just struggling to find any genuine user feedback

If you have money I would go for it.
I use compression leg sleeves if I want to reduce soreness and have to ride hard the next day(stage race etc)

I have the Therabody Jetboots, I enjoy using them.

Clinically proven or not, I find them to be useful. Even if long term effects are in question, you definitely do feel an immediate sense of relief, whether it’s psychosomatic or actually improving blood flow.

If anything it forces you to sit down after a workout and focus on recovery.

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I use both the compression boots and compression socks. I like the boots, but I can’t really tell if they work or not, I don’t think I have any less recovery, but not sure if I have more either. Compression socks on the other hand seem to be VERY good at improving recovery through increased circulation and reduced swelling. I use the Pro Compression brand, both the recovery and marathon lines. I’ll wear them for 12 hours after a hard ride, which means sometimes wearing them to work or at night…