Compatible Power Meter

Hi All,

I’m looking to purchase a power meter and struggling to figure out what i need to buy.

Bike is CAAD Optimo 105 w/ FSA Gossamer Cranks (172.5), MegaEvo BB.

Easy option looks like power pedals (probably Vector 3S) which appear to have mixed reviews / reliability.

Keen to get crank based meters but cannot determine what I need. From what i understand here are my options.

  • FSA Crank power meter which is compatible with MegaEvo BB- Hard to find in stock
  • Replace FSA Crankset with Shimano 105 Crankset and get a 4iiii or Stages crank power meter - In this instance would i need to change the BB from MegaEvo to Shimano and is this possible / do i need adaptors?

Any guidance or other options would be appreciated!


Not a specific answer, but related discussion on a different Cannondale.

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The two best resources are @dcrainmaker and @gplama. Their are the reviewers of power meters and similar cycling equipment. And they are active members on this forum, too.

As far as pedal-based power meters go, Favero Assiomas seem to be the gold standard at the moment. Otherwise, have a look at @dcrainmaker’s power meter guide.

The cheapest option is to send one of your crank arms to 4iiii and have them affix one of their power meters. I paid about $300 for mine. You could also ask them to fit pods to both crank arms for true left-right power measurements, but then you are getting close to other options.

@OreoCookie thanks. I’ve read through most of the relevant reviews by GP and DC which led me to my short list. Faveros were a possibility aswell but as with everything at the moment they are out of stock.

Aside from changing cranksets or sending mine to 4iii I think the Vector 3 pedals are the only option in stock.

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I didn’t realize you were up to speed.
Well, in that case, I’m afraid your options are limited then. If you go for a crank-based power meter, your best option seems to be Quark’s DZero, though.

For what it’s worth, I have a single-sided 4iiii crank arm-based power meter and by and large it has worked well for me.

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