Power meter for Cannondale Topstone Carbon

I’m considering buying a Carbon Cannondale Topstone that comes with the Cannondale 1 crank and 105 groupset.

What power meter options would I have with this bike as I understand the bottom bracket standard is a bit of a pain?

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I believe there’s a Cannondale specific Stages crank arm, for one option @ElectricPython. Though I’m not clear on precisely which Cannondale cranksets that’s compatible with. Stages could tell you.

Also, what about 4iii factory installation, where you send them your crank arm and they attach a power meter pod? Again, you’d have to verify compatibility with them.

I couldn’t find anything about the chainring interface with the cannondale 1 cranks and of its the same as the SI’s. But if they are the same then power2max sells a spider base power meter that would work.

The Power2Max works with the Cannondale 1 cranks, its the same interface on the crank.

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Check with Power2Max if your chainrings are compatible with their spider.

I went with 105 chainset + C-bear bb + 4iii crank route with my Synapse Carbon 105 because it was the cheapest alternative and I didn’t want to take my chances with bb30 power meter.

SRM spd power meter seems interesting, but I’m not sure when it’s going to be available.

Seems like @ElectricPython is already aware, but Topstone Carbon has a wider bottom bracket shell than standard road bikes, thus a longer crank spindle. So standard road cranksets (like the 105 on your Synapse) may not be a viable option.

Hi @ElectricPython I am running into the same problem. My cadence sensor wont fit and I dont know what to do. I am thinking of just buying a power meter instead but I want to make sure it fits. What did you settle on?