Advice for economical power meter

I am purchasing a Giant Revolt with Praxis crank arms. I love my Stages one sided crank arm on my Trek Emonda but from what I understand Stages does not make an arm for the Praxis system. What is everyone’s advice for an economical power meter for the Giant.


You will probably get recommendations for pedal systems. The issue may be your preference with clear systems. The popular option currently is the Favero Assioma, and most people seem happy with them. An alternative is Garmin Vector, but opinions on these are mixed, largely based on mixed experiences with previous versions. Both are these are available as a single pedal option if you.have limited budget. I have Garmin Vector pedals, version 1 upgraded to version 2. They have been good for me, but I also have a Quarq crank spider based power meter. If I was buying again I would stick with Quarq. It has been very reliable and I like the modular aspect. The spider and cranks are sold separately so if anything did fail I can just replace the necessary part. Issue would be you would have to change your bottom bracket, but you may be able to reuse chainrings. Another benefit of a spider based system is that you can sell on your current crankset.
An alternative to stages is 4iiii but I am not familiar with their options.
So in summary, you best budget option will probably be pedals as long as you are happy with the cleats and are ok with the higher potential of crash damage and wear.

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I don’t really know what Praxis actually is, but I’ve purchased a Sigeyi Power Meter (Shimano version) with plans for another and it’s been fantastic on my MTB.


Have you looked at PowerPad (Products – Tagged "PowerPod power meter"– Velocomp LLC)
I’m using it and I think it’s got alternative to other more expensive power meters.
It also got good reviews.

Try to contact and check with Inpeak They have a “custom” option where you send your arm, they install a power meter, calibrate and then send it back. I can see Praxis on their list, not sure about specific model.

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Change the cranks to shimano? Even doing that, and getting a stages or 4iii left sided PM, will likely be cheaper than power pedals.

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4iiii has Praxis listed for factory install - i.e. you send them your left crank arm or right or both and they install on it.

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I’ve done the4iiii factory install on the praxis crank that came on my Crux. They were pretty fast with the turn around and it has worked perfectly.

Some Praxis cranks have a removable spider. If that’s the case, check out the Power2Max NGeco. If your cranks don’t have a removable spider, they have good package deals too.

I went this route with my gravel bike. It came with the crappy Easton EA90 cranks. I thought about getting the Easton spindle power meter but realized it was about the same cost to buy a new Shimano GRX crank then get the Stages left sided factory install. I could not be happier! Granted, my road bike is still using a Gen 1 Stages, so I have a proclivity for the Stages brand given I’ve had such a positive experience with the Gen 1 since 2014

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Ended up with P2Max on my Giant Revolt Advanced 0. Rock solid power meter and fair price.

But had to change the inner ring to something a tad bigger.

Another vote for the Sigeyi AXO, especially if you have a SRAM MTB crank because there aren’t crack an based solutions for them due to the non-flat backside of the crank arm.

My experience here: Sigeyi Power meter? - #111 by huges84