Help with buying power meter

I have a 2019 Salsa Journeyman I use for training and road / gravel riding. I am hoping to add a power meter to it this year to train outside. I am training for mountain biking so using the gravel bike is just fine, just looking to nail the numbers and continue consistently train through the whole year, but outside.

Being a relatively new rider, I am unsure what I should be looking for with respect to selecting the appropriate parts for my bike. I currently have a 68mm BSA BB, with shimano sora 30/46 chainrings, and 170mm cranks. Is there anything on the market, complete crankset, that I can just swap in as a replacement for my current crankset? Do I need a new BB? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Stages is good and cost effective. I’ve had 3 stages pm’s and as long as you are careful in replacing the battery with new seals and the latest doors they are good. Never that buggy, straight forward. The only other pm I’ve had were power taps (hub) and when working they were great and actually trusted the numbers via testing and your numbers are 2 legged which is nice but buggy and expensive.

Thanks. Are you able to provide some suggestions on which specific components I should be buying?

Does a shimano Ultegra w/ ultegra 68bsa BB make sense? This is a technical question. Not a request for brand reviews, although that does help. Thanks.

I’m also new rider and just recently went for Assioma Favero Uno pedals.

My own experience with them is two rides only so cant say anything, but they have very solid reviews and opinions across internet and you can swap them easily between bikes (i sometimes travel and rent bikes, so i can take them with me).

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I recently put a stages left only crank arm on my road bike. Seemed like the easiest way to get a power meter installed without the help of a bike shop (social diatancing!). It was relatively inexpensive and although it only measures one side, based on a (small sample) comparison to my trainer power it is remarkably accurate. Or they’re both off in the same way😂 but that’s fine by me!

Favero Assioma for the win. Uno or duo is up to. But favero is well spended money. Swap mine between trainer, roadbike and mtb… Priceless

I’ve the 4iiii left only power meter. Whether the splines of something like the 105 version fit those of the crank spindle on the Sora isn’t something I know.

My mate had the early Stages and had problems with it. I think the later models are much better.

Just bought the Assioma Duos. Love them already. Super easy install, good price, and one of the most accurate out there.

I think Sora and XT are compatible so you could (after double checking with the relevant company) use a left hand crank PM, e.g. Stages or 4iiii. I have a 3 and 2 gen Satages and the 3 gen one is great. The numbers on the older one are fine but the battery cover never sealed all that well so I use that on an old bike on the erg. Are you planning on using MTB pedals only? If you are ok with road pedals then some of the others have recommended alternatives, but I have no experience with them.

Now thats an answer I can use! Good idea. I am a mountain biker more than a roadie anyways so running XT crankset would allow me to be on the same Q factor at all times.I think I’ll do that. New BB required, but thats fine. Thanks!

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If you have Sora cranks you should just be able to buy a 105 (I think that’s the cheapest?) Stages crank and it will fit straight up. No need for a complete crankset change.