Coffee - Show us your set up

I’ve that cold brew kit. Always forget I have it but does make for a good cold brew.

Also use an aero press for when travelling with rhino wares hand grinder. Never lets me down and would t go anywhere (overnight) without it.

My setup. ECM Mechanika Profi IV plumbed in, ECM Titan 64 grinder. We upgraded from a Rancilio Silvia two years ago as a birthday present. Love the setup, but I also still love my pour over once in a while.


Cheap set up for me with the same Bodum grinder.

For use with:

Bialetti Moka Pot
Melitta Look Timer Thermal Filter Machine
Hario V60

Most of the time it’s the Melitta in the week and Aeropress on the weekends.


I have the same machine here in Utah. It’s great…as long as you never want to steam. I hate the way the single boiler system works honestly. Haaate it. But for espresso alone it does good work.
In our Germany house we have a Rocket Mazzafiato which is just an amazing machine in every way.

Probably moving to the Profi IV at some point to replace the ECM Classica II.

But for most of my coffee its Blue Bottle Bella Donovan (25g) into the aero press w/ 175deg F water. Best cup of coffee I’ve ever made. I have all sorts of pour over rigs but I still find the aero press w/ lower temp water makes the best cup hands down.

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Are you sure you don’t live in a coffee shop? :grinning:


Very nice, I know the feeling of an upgrade from Rancilio to an ECM although I’m my case went on to a Syncroika. Nice set up

Curious about the cold brew set up, love cold brew but never had any success making my own.

Compared to most of you here I’m a lazy c*nt.
I’ll get my full automatic every day. There hasn’t been one espresso which surpassed my own machine and beans.


How did you both like the Silvia?

I have a Jura S9 super automatic now, but its loud with the baby, so I cant use it as much… First world problems, I know…

Im with you. I have a Jura S9. Still going strong since 2010! I love the art of espresso, but its nice just to hit a button…

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I just let grinds steep for 12-24 hrs and then filter them out. This device makes it easy to filter but I used to use a French press with same results. It isn’t very difficult, and any filter method would do the trick. You can experiment with grind size, steep time, and amount of grinds used. Most of the time I drink it black with ice. When the mood strikes I make a simple syrup (1:1 sugar water) to sweeten it. Sometimes I use condensed milk for a treat- kind of like a classic Vietnamese iced coffee.

Sometimes on the bike I fill a bottle with coffee and simple syrup.

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The Silvia was great - the single boiler takes a bit more technique to get to get good results, but I does get great results. It’s practically been the same design for 20yrs and you can get cheap parts online for anything that does break and fix it yourself if you are so inclined. They have great resale value. I would consider these the benchmark machine in their class.

My ECM is nearly silent with the rotary pump. The vibe pump on the Silvia is on the loud side, but honestly I would focus more on the grinder if noise is the concern - that’s the louder part of any set up (and if you’re just planning on getting ground coffee from the shop, you don’t need a fancy machine anyway!).

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Mazzer Mini + Moccamaster

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Breville Bambino and grinder. Makes a great espresso (also very easy [too easy] to dial in new espresso) and a great latte. Not as precise as some machines, but does a pretty good job.


I have an ECM Mechanika Slim V with Macap Grinder that is an utter joy to use. Use the Brewista scales for measuring ground coffee and extracted. Upgraded from a hand me down Gaggia Baby that died midway through last year.


Moccamaster + Breville grinder
Gaggia Academia superautomatic for the quick hits.

More curious what beans folks are grinding these days – whether for espresso or drip. I’m currently on Blackbeard’s Revenge ( for the Moccamaster and run-of-the-mill Lavazza Gran Crema for the Gaggia.


Your palette doesn’t have to be “sophisticated” to enjoy good coffee.

Baratza Virtuoso paired with an Aeropress or Kalita Wave 155, depending on my mood. Not quite home espresso level, but I like it quite a lot.

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Oh no doubt…I love a great espresso!! I just meant that the subtle differences provided by a great espresso set-up is largely lost on me, so doesn’t warrant the extra investment / hassle for me.