Closest Manufacture/Model to CycleOps 300 Pro for virtual power

I recently purchased a 2nd hand CycleOps 300. Ever since I’ve been trying everything that this forum (and elsewhere) recommends to connect to the CycleOps 300 – including the Legacy App on my Macbook. All to no avail.

At this point I think the easiest solution is to stick a speed/cadence sensor on to the CycleOps and then use TrainerRoad’s virtual power. I’m OK with not having accurate power as long as the training plan is relative to whatever FTP I get from a Ramp test.

However, I’d prefer that the power number be as accurate as it can be. Finally, my question: is there an existing manufacturer/model in the TrainerRoad app that would come closest to the dynamics of CycleOps 300 for virtual power. Yes, I recognize that I’m blissfully (almost wilfully) ignorant of all the factors that go into virtual power, but I’m just looking for a gross approximation.

Thanks for any guidance you might have.

How are you getting Resistance on the bike?

The biggest issue I can see is that your bike has a massive flywheel compared to any other trainer, especially and of the ones that are likely to have a Virtual Power curve in TR. Point being that i don’t know if there is any option in there that will give even decent results for you. But that is a guess without knowing more about the bike.

Your “best” option would likely be to add power meter pedals, but I understand that is probably not desired due to the added expense.

@mcnesse.chad: Thanks for the reply.

Yes, that’s the answer I would have expected i.e., nothing will close to the dynamics of the flywheel. I was hopeful that someone might know of a manufacturer/model that has a large flywheel. Ideally a simple, and yes, inexpensive solution. Buying power meters for the pedals would cost more than desired.

Thanks again for the response. It’s what I expected, but I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

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Hi Bryan,

Not sure if this will help but until recently I was using VP on a CycleOps Fluid trainer my last ramp test had me at 287FTP I switched to PowerMeter Pedals and went down to 220FTP ~ the workouts at this lower number feel harder that the previous higher workouts if you follow - always a little disappointing to have a dip in FTP but as it’s only a number you use to set your levels by it’s not highly important - so the message would be whatever you do you can get faster but with a power meter your levels will be more accurate.