Setup for newbie Cycleops 300 / 400)

Just joined trainer road and having some difficulty with setup. Have a cyclops 400pro but the joule computer went kaput. I was unable to find a new one. Anyway I having difficulty controlling resistance on the trainer with trainer road. At the beginning of the workout there is so little the program stops and the power reading is like 3. If I crank up the % at the bottom it gets crazy difficult pretty quickly. The FTP test is virtually impossible to complete b/c my cadence drops off so much. There seems to be no way to control resistance so I can get a decent ride in. Is there a way to do virtual gear shifting? or a target power for the ride? so I can keep a reasonable cadence? Any help would be appreciated.


It might help to know what device you are using to run TrainerRoad.

Other than that, it seems that is an older bike that is not supported by the new versions of TR.

If that doesn’t address your problem, you should contact for more help.