Climbing XC race

I have an XC race coming up that has a course with climbs that are longer than the typical short quick uphills of most other courses. I was checking out the workouts from the Climbing Road Race Plan, I don’t want to do the entire CRR Plan because I’m already doing XC Olympic Plan, but I would like to use some of the workouts from that plan, . any suggestions on which workouts might work best would be helpful.
Thank you

I am in a similar situation and what I am trying is to use over unders such as the +variants of Carpathian Peaks or supra threshold workouts from sustained power build.

I am still a ways off from my race, and figure that these types of workouts will build the strength endurance needed plus the mental toughness to see it through.

Thank you.
I’ll have to try that workout, it looks super tough!!!

What was your Build plan, General or SPB? How long are these hills, 3-5 minutes or 10-15+ minutes?

Remember, the Specialty is the icing on the cake and just refining your skills from the fitness you’ve gained in Base and Build phases. Do your upcoming XC races consist mostly of these longer climbs, or are there just a few hills sprinkled into a more generally punchy XC course?

I’d look at your course profiles of your races and see what durations (hills) you’d like to put emphasis on, then see what workouts match those efforts. Assuming you’re doing mid volume, you already have some good SS longer durations on Sundays in XCO Specialty. If you were to swap out any intervals, I’d look at swapping the Saturday workouts with the Saturday’s of the CRR or RRR Specialty that mimic you race needs.