Choosing which workouts to substitute with races

So, I have two C priority races in next week. Thursday I have a 140km sportive with 1600m of climbing. I don’t plan to race it so it’s primarily going to be steady state with a about 10-15 short hill climbs of 1-2 minutes each.
Saturday I have a one hour crit that I’m gong to race full on.

I am on Short Power Build Mid Volume and my TR training plan looks like this for that week (See screenshot below). Which workouts would You substitute and how would You plan the remaining workouts of the week.

Maybe I should mention that Sunday this current week I will be racing a XCO race so I will be somewhat fatigued coming in to next week. So Monday might me a good day to rest or to only do a short spin.

Who organises a sportive on a Thursday? Anyway…

My main worry is that 140km is going to leave your legs heavy for the crit on Saturday, not to mention accumulated fatigue from previous races and workouts. So I’d make the rest of the week pretty easy, like:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Pettit
Wednesday: 30min “openers” (Truuli -2 maybe)
Thursday: 140km
Friday: 30 minute recovery ride to keep legs from seizing up (Dans)
Saturday: 1 hour crit
Sunday: Listen to your body, workout if you can, rest if you need

Thanks for the great reply.

Thursday is Christ’s ascension which is a public holiday here in Denmark.

You are probably right about keeping the fatigue to accumulate to much. Gotta have enough left in the to be able to complete the following week as planned.

You’d think there’d be more climbing in the sportive in that case.


Haha! That’s a good one.
Well I live i Denmark and the highest point above sea level is about 170 meters. So I think it’s really impressive they’ve found 1600 meters to climb :smiley:

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