Choosing which sensor is used


I have recently acquired the inride v3 for my kurt kinetic trainer which makes it act like a smart trainer. The problem is the cadence is not that accurate. I have a separate garmin cadence sensor. How do I make sure the garmin sensor is the one used in trainer road?

I asked support this a couple of weeks ago. Their reply:

We have a hierarchy for cadence devices in the order of how accurate the sensors are. Here is how it goes:

1) Dedicated cadence sensors
2) Power meters
3) Trainers

If you have both the sensor and trainer giving cadence we are going to automatically use the cadence sensor for the sake of accuracy.

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Yeah, the cadence on the inRide is not good. I eyeball it to be 5-10 rpm short, usually, but it’s also not particularly stable. TR seems to always prefer a dedicated cadence meter if it’s paired, as I’ve discovered after needing to remove my cadence meter magnet for a bit and suffering through the inRide reported cadence.

Thanks all!

Wowzers. That’s cool!