Kurt Kinetic Inride 3.0 - Is the Erratic Cadence Going to Alter the Power Value?

I’m using a kinetic road machine with the new InRide sensor 3.0
So far so good, or so it seems, but as it’s quite known, the cadence provided by the kinetic sensor is quite erratic. Is this value going to alter the power reading or it doesn’t matter?
To my training it doesn’t matter if the cadence is not spot-on 100% of the time, unless this invalidates the power value. If this is the case, then I can get another cadence sensor to pair.

  • Nope, the power estimation from the Inride sensor is taken purely from the total RPM of the roller drum. The cadence is not used at all in the power calculation for the Inride sensor.

The only issues you might run into are if you’re using the pedal-to-play/pause feature and your cadence goes to 0 for no reason, at which point your workout would get paused. Aside from that though, as Chad said, the cadence readings from the Inride don’t affect the power readings from that same device.


I see - thankfully this is not an issue I have experienced so far. It’s just not very stable, so it may occasionally move between 70 and 95 quite frequently and quite extremely, but never to the point that it will fade to 0 or even below reasonable numbers .

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It’ll drop to zero for a bit if you have a test coming off of a hard effort, like a sprint. The cadence is just computed from the power data, so if the power at the wheel is zero, the cadence will go to zero also.

I also pair a Wahoo RPM on my Crank arm and this seems to supersede the cadence coming from the inRide. I don’t honestly know why Kinetic keeps that feature because it is reported to be erratic and inaccurate by everyone.

Yeah, that was the idea, but since I don’t care about cadence on the road, it’s good enough for me for indoor training. It’s not perfect, but I know and it doesn’t matter too much, as long as it doesn’t undo the power reading (and it seems like it doesn’t).