Sensor Priority with Kinetic Inride

I saw that if you are using the Kinetic Inride with a separate cadence sensor, the cadence sensor is given priority over the cadence reported by Inride. Is that true for a separate speed sensor as well?

I am not sure why you’d want to do that?

The Inride is effectively virtual power, but better for a number of reasons.

If you don’t want Inride for power or cadence, there is no reason to pair it in the first place.

As Chad said, use Inride for power (much improved version of virtual power IF you calibrate each ride after 10 mins warm up). But cadence on it is rubbish so yes separate sensor if you wish. I wouldn’t use a speed sensor…why would you (besides fact that speed on a trainer is a made up number anyway!!!)

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Thanks guys! I had them all paired, and then removed my speed sensor a few workouts ago because I figured it doesn’t make sense, but wanted to double check.