Choose plan, basic fitness


Been away for a very long time, the site is quite new and unknown
I need to start on a low volume basic plan to loose with max 80% heart rate on the top
Back in the old days I could choose among some basic plans
I am not aiming for any events but rather general improvement in fitness and commute two or three times a week 25x2 km each day

Thanks /Peter

only plans I could do that low of a heart rate are the Traditional Base plans. Its not in Plan Builder but you can manually add them to the TR Calendar.


Thanks; I remember some short HIT schemes at 30 - 45 minutes length eg when sufferfest was a thing at TR
But it is at least five years since I last used the system, things will change :slight_smile:

I will have a look at it

rgds /Peter

They do have some time crunched maintenance plans, but what you are describing is different. If I may ask, what is the reason for capping your heart rate at 80 % max? Do you have a heart condition or some other medial reason for that? It puts you in the upper endurance, lower tempo zone, and like @WindWarrior already mentioned, would confine you to endurance workouts such as the ones you can find in traditional base.

HIIT workouts would blow past that workout very quickly, unless the workouts were very short and you had excellent base fitness.

If possible, Iā€™d relax your heart rate restriction, and start with a low volume plan. You could start doing traditional base at first and then create a plan with Plan Builder. For general fitness, perhaps the Century plan might be suitable. It is aimed at people wanting to do long endurance events.

Yes, unfortunately I have hypertrofisk kardiomyopati a genitic heart disorder
It is recently discovered
I was told by the specialist to keep HR at max 80% atm, a basic program on the trainer would be good, the sooner the better

I see, sorry to hear.

Traditional base and endurance workouts of all stripes it is then.

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Cool, thanks

If its of any help @plykkegaard , during my chemotherapy a few years back Id cap my self at various levels (between 50 and 90%) depending where I was on a chemo cycle. My tact was a significant manual drop in FTP during the entire period and doing workouts in resistance mode so I was in control, with %max HR as a metric on my Garmin.


The plan was to use the 20 minutes FTP test as baseline with HR on 80% as max
The power output from RS 100 pedals will be used as guideline for improvements
FTP can be adjusted up or down on the fly to keep the HR in control

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