Low volume tri plans vs sweet spot low volume for all round fitness?

hi all,

To cut a long story short, I am coming back from some surgical procedures to hopefully prevent a return of atrial fibrillation. I am 52 and previously for the past 2 years have been training 10-12 hours a week via coach and was starting to see some decent improvements in my triathlons after only starting 3 years ago!

After discussions with my cardioligist we’ve agreed that max HR stuff like Time Trialling probably isn’t ideal, so I’ve sold my “race” bike.

However I want to keep fit, ride my bike, run, swim, be able to swim outdoors, and maybe do the odd park run, sprint tri etc.

With that in mind, and the fact I really like “structured” training and the calendar to keep my focused and honest, the question is.

Would a low volume tri plan be a good all round multi sport fitness programme? I would supplement it with some weight training. I’m thinking it would be a good mix of running for bone density, cycling and then swimming for some less impactful exercise, and all without having to join a gym and goto circuit training!

If not, what would you suggest?

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I don’t know about you but I don’t get anywhere near max HR on my bike, running - yes. You might choose to avoid workouts with all out sprints or just skip them when the interval comes up, that’s between you and your cardiologist…

I’m not sure if you’re talking maintaining 10-12hrs per week or much less, I find the LV sprint plan a light touch that’s an easy way back from offseason but that might be way less than you want.

SSB and most of the plans are about making you faster, so you might consider the Maintenance plans for a while if you want to back off.