Using TR to a set max HR (that will increase over time)

Afternoon all,

I’m on the road back from A Fib and an ablation, I am wanting to slowly work training back up, and have the backing of my cardioligist.

So far I’ve been keeping my HR under 120bpm, but now have the all clear to start to increase that.

So I really don’t want to do any max HR work for the next 3 months, so won’t be doing a ramp test in the near future.

Do folk think TR would work if I created a low FTP and trained off that? I did a ride Wed to test things out of 3x5min @ 200w and my heart reached 151 bpm which is about the max I’d want to go.

So thinking I could set my FTP to 190 in TR and see how my HR goes following a low volume base program, or maybe the low vol Triathlon program (as I was doing triathlon before).

I’d then have to adjust the FTP manually if I found my HR was increasing above the limits, but could also start to creep it up monthly as I raise my limit.

Can anyone see any issues with using it this way?



nobody got an opinion :sleepy:

With the typical disclaimer of working with your physician (as you are apparently already doing), here are a few thoughts:

Yes, starting with a deliberately low FTP set manually seems like the best idea. Be conservative and do some easy workouts to see how you react. You can adjust FTP based on those efforts and your reaction to them.

You may want to use the Traditional Base, Low Volume Part 1 plan. It keeps the intensity low and largely. The Part 2 and Part 3 introduce some intensity, which you may be ready for at that time, but I would look closely and think hard before doing them.

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