Chase the Sun 2023

Hi Guys
I need some advice.
A few weeks ago I started a long training plan, to finish April 1sr 2023, for a 100 mile event. I’m now changing my target for next year to a 200 mile road even ‘Chase the Sun’ in June 2023.

Should I end my current plan now and restart another one?

I’m pretty sure if you just enter the new event, Plan Builder will ask if you want to re-build the plan based on this new event. Just say yes


Sure you can, the difference isn’t going to be huge and you’ll probably want more zone 2 and practice your pacing and eating. The things you should start thinking of things beyond being on the trainer. #1 Eating. Plenty of threads to be found under nutrition on how to eat for ultra endurance.

Cheers. Yes I’m looking into eating. I’ve done a number of 100s and fuelled quite well but this time I want to fuel properly.