Chapters and time stamps

Hey TR team,

I’m seeing just about every professional podcast inserting chapter marks in their podcasts. At the least time stamps in descriptions.

The latest podcast was 2.5 hours with neither of these.

This is an otherwise very professionally done podcast.

Are chapters/timestamps hard to do?

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I’m not going to complain about something I get for free, but timestamps sure would be a nice touch.

I’ve definitely seen them on YouTube

Hi! We post hyperlinked timestamps and chapters on our episodes, it just takes us a minute to review, identify key segments, and mark them accordingly as the episodes are live.
Looking at previous episodes, like this one, you can see how we add chapters, and hyperlinked timestamps in the description as well. Thanks for your patience while the team works on getting these up for today’s episode!


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Ah ok cool thanks for the reply

Well I subscribe to trainer road solely for the forum and the podcast (I don’t use it for workouts ever), so in my case while it could be free, I chose to compensate them for the the time spent and resources made available.

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Oh yeah, I wasn’t at all accusing you of complaining. I’m also a subscriber but in my case I actually use the app so I consider the podcast and this excellent forum "extras "

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