Chapter markers in TrainerRoad Podcast

Since the podcast is getting longer and longer, could you add chapter markers? Not only would this serve as a table of contents — which you can search later on, it’d make it easier to re-listen to a topic in case you wanted to catch more of the details. Plus, you can add links and custom artwork for each chapter, too, which is very popular with some podcasts. So if you talk about a particular study, the chapter marker could link to said study.

There seems to be decent software out there, too, e. g. Podcast Chapters.


Completely agree. Sometimes there are topics that I’m just not that interested in and would like to skip, and sometimes there are topics that I re-listen to because I was listening in the middle of a hard interval and didn’t take much in!


If you listen to the pod from a computer on SoundCloud, their player graphic has exactly what you’re looking for. A little TR logo marks where different topics or questions begin.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. I’m using a podcast player (Castro and Overcast on iOS) like I guess most people do.


Yes! This would be incredibly useful. I understand that the majority of respondents prefer the 3 hour long podcasts, but for those of us who listen in the car or on the trainer using podcasting apps, this would be a huge help. I confess I’ve stopped listening because I just don’t have that much time to devote. I realize I’m in the minority, but I still really want to skip the filler and just catch the gems on my daily commute.

Plus, it would make re-listening a lot easier. Why doesn’t TrainerRoad use something like 4dp again? Well, just select the proper chapter.

both youtube and sound cloud have chapter markers. :wink:

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So it should be easy to add for downloaded podcasts, too :wink:

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