Request - Add start time of different topics to the podcast show notes

Request for the podcast team,

In the podcast show notes would you be able to put the time that each different topic starts?

I only listen to podcasts while driving, and don’t have time to listen to the full podcast, so it’d be handy to be able to start the podcast at a certain point when I start my commute (that way I can skip the MTB/CX stuff :slight_smile:).

Here’s an example of the show notes that are visible in Podcast Addict (I believe these are pulled in from iTunes):

If you’d be able to put the time in brackets after each listed topic it’d make it really quick to skip to the stuff I’m interested in.


It’s possible to add chapters to podcasts so that you can easily skip forwards or backwards to the correct time stamps.



Good call @themagicspanner, it’d be ideal if TR could split the podcast into chapters.

As a workaround I’ve just taken a look in Podcast Addict and they’ve got “Bookmarks” you can add to. If TR could add the times in the show notes it’d make it real quick to build up the bookmarks.

@Ian - I’ve just spotted you work on the podcast, so thought I’d tag you in :slight_smile: … as the podcast is now longer, it’d be a bonus if you could add the time that each different topic starts in the podcast notes. I listen to the podcast during my commute, so it’d make it way easier to skip to the relevant topics.

Those time stamps and jumps are available on Soundcloud via the web at least. Not sure on the app side?

Yeah I’ve seen that on the Soundcloud site. As they were adding the timestamps on there I was hoping it might be a quick enough job for them to add that info to the notes.

Maybe the ones in the notes of the YT vids are more like you want?

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Exactly that :+1:
Now if they could just set the same notes for the podcast apps that’d be ideal.
(I’m using Podcast Addict, but I believe the notes are pulled in from iTunes).

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