Changing an training block's purpose after the block has started

I built a plan using plan builder, and am now 2 weeks in my first Build phase (“General Build - Low volume”)

I want to change this block to “Sustained Power Build - Low Volume” as I would like to have more Threshold and Sweetspot sessions.

I can click on the current block right under the TSS graph, and then following appears:

Two questions

  1. I can select “Sustained Power Build- Low Volume” but it does not show what type of workouts it will give me?
  2. If I click update, will it just swapout future workouts? or previous workouts too?

I looked around in support topics but did not appear to be addressed.

This is on web version of TR, and yes, I am aware that I can change individual sessions manually.

Hey there!

You won’t see the workouts you will get until you click on the red “Update” button. It will only swap your future workouts in that current block, not workouts that have already been completed.

If you don’t like how the plan looks once updated, you can always change it back to General Build again afterward. :slight_smile: