Chad's Strength Training

Hi all,

I came across this TR article recently:

I have some questions!

  1. Does the workout need to be in that order? Deadlift, Backsquat, Bench Press, Barbell Row, pull up, military press?

  2. How many rounds of this routine are we suppose to be per workout session?

  3. How long is each workout session supposed to be?

Thank you!

Great question! I was wondering this as well because was thinking about including this into my training.

I believe those recommendations are meant to be taken more as a benchmark. They are not meant to be a workout routine that you would follow week to week.

It’s even in the FAQs:
“Is this a strength training plan?**
No. These are merely benchmarks. We recommend working with a competent strength training coach that is familiar with training endurance athletes in order to reach these goals.”


They are not a training plan. It even says so in the article. It’s a list exercise that Chad thinks you should be able to do.

Edit: Beaten to it by a more eloquent @nickcs. Also there was a podcast episode that went through this.

Another Edit: This might be the podcast

Its all covered here at length and several times! :slight_smile: