Cervelo Aspero PM

Is anyone running a stages/4iii on an Aspero?

Any idea if there is enough frame clearance? Any easier options ignoring pedals?

Here’s some measurements on a 54cm Aspero with a number of NDS crank power meters: Shimano GRX Power w/ Road Single Side Power Crank 🚲⚡️ - YouTube

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Thanks Shane - I’m assuming that’s the road 4iii in the video, meaning if I got the GRX version, it would have an extra 2.5mm clearance compared to what you showed?

Yep those were the road cranks so GRX should have that additional width.

4iiii has a template you can download to see if it will fit.

I’ve got a size 51 Cervelo Aspero that I’m getting a factory install done, as the ride ready pm does not clear the chain stay.

Was going to recommend the AAA battery check.

FYI, you’d need to have a GRX 810 crankarm to mount a 4iiii PM. The GRX 600 has a hollow back and won’t take the PM. I’m trying to locate one myself but my LBS says no stock until the spring.

I put a Quarq on and it jjjuuusssttt fit.

This set up is awesome