4iiii power meter and Canyon Ultimate

Is anyone running a 4iii Precision on their Canyon Ultimate?
It looks like it might not fit due to the gap between crank and chain stay.

I have tried the Frame Compatibility test and the AAA only slides part of the way of the clearance guide on my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 rim brake bike.

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I have it on my disk frame. It fits just ok. Once got some dirt in between which scratched the frame. I would put a little plastic protector foil there.

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No issues whatsoever, but that’s a Praxis Zayante carbon crank.

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Yep, running a 4iiii PM on my 2019 Ultimate rim brake frame, Ultegra R8000 170mm crank. No problems at all.


I have a size L Ultimate Disc
Bought a 175mm Ultegra crank with 4iiii

It JUST touches the frame :frowning:
Considering sanding the plastic down because that’s all it would need

You can throw 2mm worth of spacers under the crank arm. You’ll never feel it and it’ll give you the room you need.

I use 2x 1mm spacers on my canyon endurace, it gives it enough clearance not to worry about anything.

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Hi, could you let me know what spacers you used as I need some for my canyon ultimate? Thanks

I used these on my Endurace and they worked perfectly. I think I needed 1.5mm worth.