Cervelo Aspero-5 Tire Clearance

Looking for information on the maximum measured tire clearance on the Aspero-5 (the new one, with integrated cockpit).

I’ve run 42mm Pathfinders (approx 44mm measured) without issues in a dry hardback gravel situation but dropped down to a 38mm Pathfinder (40mm measured) in the rear for mixed conditions with some mud.

Has anyone successfully run anything larger? If so, what tire, what was the labled width and what was measured width. Also what was clearance on the fork legs and chain/seat stays


The frames are the same between the Aspero and the Aspero 5….onky difference is the integrated HB.

I have run Rambler 45’snon my Aspero with no issues….i don’t recall measuring the actual width when I ran them, but on my wheels, tires almost always match the label width, so they probably measured 45mm.

Don’t think you will get anything much wider than that in the rear triangle. You may be able to go larger in the front.

Is that true? I’ve read multiple reviews saying Aspero-5 had more clearance. Aspero, 42mm, Aspero-5, 45mm

Who knows though. 3mm not gonna make/break…

I can fit 45s on my Aspero, but its just a little too close for comfort in the rear as far as clearance goes. Settled on 45F/40R (+knobs) and still have ample clearance.

What tires? What wheels? Measured width or sidewall labeled width?

Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M on front. Bontranger GR2 on rear. Both labeled.

Bontranger wheels with 25mm internal width.

Bit of a frankenbike. Like to upgrade frame to frame so some mixed components.

Edit: 56cm frame size

56 Aspero 5 user here. I think the limiting factor is definitely height of tire, rather than width. On my 42 Pathfinders on the Reserves the clearance is 5mm to the middle bend in the seat tube and about 5mm on each side of the chain stays. I think the danger is more of 5mm rocks getting into the seat tube area and just grinding things down in wet conditions. OP running a 38 back there is a solid mitigation plan. I would also love to hear of anyone who runs Cinturatos.

Here’s some photos from my Cervelo Aspero 5 with G ONE RS 45s mounted, just put calipers on the tires and they’re spot on at 45 mm at about 28 psi. Run these in dry conditions constantly, but would not race in super muddy conditions with them.


Thanks for that @Todd_Palmer - appreciate the added details regarding clearance and the extra effort to include pics! I think I have the same model/year as you only I have the black frame option. The G One RSs are near the top of the list for me for next year.

Considering two sets - of G One Rs for medium conditions (likely that tight spaced nobs will pack up pretty quickly) or loose over hard and the G One RSs for dry conditions. Realistically I’m not racing if conditions are sub-optimal anyways so might even be able to get away with a single set.

At the end of the day though, seems to me like 45mm (measured) is the absolute max anyone would want to go.

Most welcome! Yeah, the G ONE RSs are fast, I love em. Haven’t tried the G ONE Rs yet, but that sounds like a solid plan. And agree… definitely wouldn’t do anything over 45s on the bike.

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47mm (sidewall + measured as well) Pathfinders fit in the front of my Aspero with 1-2mm to spare.

Guessing you’re not going to run them then? 1-2mm is nothing when it comes to clearance…

I ran them for Big Sugar this year and a decent amount of local riding with no issues, I just put some helicopter tape at the close point. It’s only one small area at the corner of the tire where it gets close.

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All depends on the terrain…for most of the gravel that Ir ide around here, I would have zero hesitation running extremely tight clearance. Even if it rains, the drainage on the paths is excellent.

Similarly, a buddy ran tires with ~2mm of clearance for The Rift…despite the fact that it rained almost the whole day, due to the type of gravel in Icelend, it was not an issue in the slightest.

If you live anywhere that has trails / gravel that is more dirt or doesn’t drain as well, then tight clearnaces is probably a mistake.

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Fair enough I suppose. For me, the bike was so expensive, I wouldn’t want to take a risk. Kudos to you for taking that risk

I even have my entire frame “ride wrapped” and I still wouldn’t run that risk in running 47s. I might drop the 40mm (measured) tire in the back for next year and go with the 44mm (measured) option, same as front. Definitively made for a more comfortable ride