4iiii Power Meter compatibility?

Can anyone confirm if they have fitted the ride ready version of 4iiii DURA-ACE R9200 PRECISION 3+ PRO DUAL-SIDED POWERMETER to a Cervelo R5, without getting a factory install ? Size 56 but assume size makes no difference to clearance… Done the 8mm test but seems inconclusive to me

Not sure if this will help, but I put a 3+ pro left only on my 2019 P2 without the factory install. I emailed 4iiii pictures and they assured me it would fit (even though my measurements didn’t meet there requirements on their website). I think the new 3+ is only like 5-6mm wide at most. I got a killer deal on my PM from Backcountry.com, so had to make sure it would fit before I pulled the trigger. 4iiii assured me if it didn’t they would get me a refund. Very good customer service. I would reach out to them directly and see what they say?

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Thanks DanF that is super helpful. Here is the 8mm hex test that I ran. The 8mm hex hits the frame up to the x on Hex. And with a ruler and digital caliber from the narrowest point along the curve.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help, I had the same issue and it was super tough to find info. I would send your pics to 4iiii. They got back to me within a day or so. I’m no expert, but you have WAY more room than i did. I couldn’t get the 8mm hex to fit anywhere along the chainstay… I think that spec is for the older style PM, which is wider.

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