Cervelo launches new 2024 Aspero


Looks slick, but why not go up to a 50mm tire??


I’m guessing it would probably require some changes in geometry that would compromise how they wanted the bike to handle


Finally! I was looking for this thread 3 hours ago … Hahaha!
I am very excited about this new bike. Cable management seems very adequate for gravel, and it looks nice IMO.
More comfort and bigger tire clearance sounds great, plus a better price point. All winners.
The dropped top tube doesn’t look very good to my eyes, but it is a good thing for riding off-road.
Paint job … not Cervelo’s best nor worst.
To me this bike is a definite maybe.
Can you imagine this taking 2.1 mtb tires (?) What a blast!

I liked David Arthur’s video best, but I found this one informative as well.


Seems a very solid option; reasonable cable management (not through stem/bars), round ST, threaded BB, UDH. All good things. Seems like it’d cover the spectrum from road to fast gravel very well, and with minimal drama for the home mechanic.

It’d be extra cool if it had some kind of stealthy fender mounts and frame storage. The color options are also fairly meh, but presumably they’re saving the crazy paint for the Aspero 5, since very little else differentiates the frames (besides the 5 costing like twice as much!)


“But this one is the 5.

It’s 5 better than the other one.”


Also, for those who didn’t catch it when the original launched in 2019, Cervelo’s ad for the Aspero is an absolute gem:


The 5 literally uses the same molds as the original Aspero right? Just fancier carbon? The weird cable routing on the original Aspero was the main visual cue between the $2500 frame and the $5000 frame; now that that’s gone I wonder if the 5 will get a more radical overhaul.

But do they really need the frames to be visually distinct in shape? Most other manufacturers don’t have that distinction between the base version of their bikes and the top end, within the same model name.

The Aspero is not offered with top end groupsets. Only the 5 is, which makes its higher cost obvious and justified (relatively).

I don’t know, but I suspect you’re right. Your comment just inspired a Spinal Tap reference.

You know - this one goes up to 11.

I could be interested in these if they come out with better groupsets, or maybe go Rival, make it 2x, and replace the crankset.

I’m ready to buy a good racing type gravel bike, but I feel like I’m waiting for new 12 speed Shimano Di2 to get released. I also want a frame that has clearance for 50s, I feel like 45 clearance is the bare minimum for me at this point, and it would be nice to have some room to go up.

The canyon grail is a nice bike but the tire clearance turned me away. This is closer, although the paint colors leave a lot to be desired.

Hopefully something that ticks all the boxes comes along soon.


I get it, but I love the colors. I’m a simple man. Give me black, white, blue, or red, and I’m happy. I’d have bought an SL7 Pro if my only choices weren’t purple and green.


I feel like I’m waiting for new 12 speed Shimano Di2 to get released

I saw lines about “new 12 speed Shimano Di2” on different forums and reddit from users. Are there any rumors that they are going to release a new groupset soon?

I’ve heard several cycling media make comments about expecting to see a new GRX Di2 in the near future, although I’ve been hearing that for a while now. It may just be pure speculation, but with how often these guys are getting products ahead of launch I figure there is a decent chance that it is an informed speculation. James Huang mentions it again in his escape collective article linked above.

Not to mention it makes sense, to at least have a GRX group set that is similar to the current road equipment (12 speed, wireless shifters).


Next month from what I am hearing.


That’s spot is awesome. Had never seen that before.