Motivational quotes to look at during workout

Hi everyone. Thinking of a bit of decoration (not Xmas lights :wink: on the wall in front of my trainer and just wondered if anyone else had some good motivational slogans that they look at.

I currently have a little message on my handlebars (post-it note with sellotape over the top) that says ‘You got this’ . Just wondering if there were some other good ones that people display?

Thanks in advance!

I have a single race plate on my wall right above where my computer usually sits in front of the trainer. I see it and think back on previous races, picture the hard efforts, visualize outcome goals for next season… usually that’s better for me than the typical inspirational quotes - it’s personal.

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Sometime I repeat this mantra in my head during difficult intervals:
“winners never quit, quitters never win”.

Cheesy but effective!


I don’t have slogans, but posters and caps from races or cycling regions. Paris-Roubaix, Flanders, Eddie Merckx, Roger De Vlaeminck, etc.
If you can’t tell, I love the cobbles. :joy:

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My girlfriend is waiting for me to finish… :imp:


I read the books How Bad Do You Want It and Endure (recommend both) and pulled a bunch of quotes from there. Quotes are personal and have to mean something to you. That being said:

  • Refuse to fail
  • This will hurt, but no more than before
  • Training the brain & body… how to suffer
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • You can do more than you think you can
  • Keep pushing, you’re doing great
  • It hurts, but I have more
  • Suffer now to enjoy later
  • Pain is perception, accept and re-frame
  • You have so much more

*If you’re a racer and there is that person that is just a bit faster than you, ask yourself:
“Would InsertName quit right now” “What training is InsertName doing”


“The race is won by the rider who can suffer the most” – Eddy Merckx


Don’t do your best, do my best.

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No matter how much you are doing, someone else is doing more than you


I’ve seen it various times and places in regards to cycling and it really stuck with me. I put the 4 letters on my top tube as I always put my head down when things get really tough. HTFU. Not sure if I’d get flagged by moderators, so I’ll let you google it.


Well that’s depressing, lol. That makes me think why even bother :rofl:


Shut up legs


Its from Lance too…I figured I’d leave that part out

Anything by Malcolm Tucker works for me



The body is evil, and must be punished.

I have a fortune from a fortune cookie taped to my stem. It says “The man on the top of the mountain did not fall there.”

My reminder that work is the only way up and has always been the only way up.


I don’t have quotes visible while I ride, but now that I think of it:

The only way out is through. (Not exactly true, but servicable. And I dunno who coined the phrase.)

“Training is like fighting with a Gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when the Gorilla is tired” —Greg Henderson (Never said this to myself, but it’s apt.)

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“Trust the process !”

For non NBA fans, this is from Philadelphia 76ers who went through self-imposed several years of pain only to emerge as one of the best franchises for the years to come.

Every TT I do (and some workouts) I think of the poetic way that the inspirational Graeme Obree described those who win TTs not as the “fastest” riders but the “least slowest”.

In other words whenever the course goes uphill or into a headwind, that’s where being “less slow” counts the most and where you need to go deeper, and I chant inside my head “least slowest, least slowest”. It helps me get through TR over-unders too!