Training whilst travelling

I am looking at the travel aspect of my job and most of the time i travel with a vehicle which I can include my turbo and my bike, has anyone had any experience of this? Guessing the self powered neo is the smart choice but has anyone got any super clever ideas? I am working on a 6 hour endurance run in a weeks time and I can easily sit on the turbo for two hours and I already have all the infrastructure with me aside from the trainer?

I use power meter pedals. This gives me the flexibility to use a hotel or gym bike or even a hire bike when I travel and still have power and TR sessions.

For races, I take my dumb trainer and bike.

If you are travelling every week with work, I’d be concerned about leaving my equipment in a car. I always take my bike into the hotel room and set up there.

ah but I am normally sleeping in the van :wink:

also I have trainer Bikes

Feedback Sport Omnium rollers are a small and power-free option. You need a power meter or speed for Virtual Power for use with TR.

Yes I have notices them and they seem a great investment !


Well, we all express our love of bikes in different ways I suppose…

I travel a lot and take my bike and old Fluid 2 trainer in my work van. The bike has a power meter. My Hammer smart trainer is too heavy to lug around. I also take a fan.

I do this several times a month and I use the Feedback Sport Omnium rollers as well. With a power meter on the bike they are a fantastic option.

Did a set of over-unders (Carpathian Peak) last week in my hotel room and honestly the workout was just as good as doing it on my Kickr at home. Can’t say enough good things about this setup while traveling.

Don’t forget to throw a fan in the car too!

Don’t discount riding outside on your travels either. I’ve done a local group ride while visiting my daughter 300 miles away enough times now that the locals have befriended me. i’ve never gone this far but I know a couple people who have actually plan 2 hour rides in the middle of 8 hour car drives when traveling. Strava is a great tool for finding routes in new locals and I have never been let down when I have used it to plan rides while out of town.

Even if you can’t find a killer route with some scenery, if you are already packed up with everything in the car, might as well do 2 hours of laps in a local park as sit on a trainer. You can probably even find a spot you can ride after dark.

FWIW, most smart trainers will run off a $20 150w power inverter so if you don’t mind looking weird, you can just set up in any parking lot, plug into your cigarette lighter and have full use of your smart trainer.