Career Personal Records

In Career Personal Records i only get records/statistics from the first 5 months this year even if dates are set to 1 Jan until 31 December.
What am I doing wrong? Can anyone advise me?


When did your TrainerRoad Career start?

Have you linked and imported activities prior to that via Strava, Garmin or other sources?

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Hi Chad

Several years ago. The problem was I didn’t saw later activities in the same year. When changed the time interval from July to December I saw the winter records but when had the time interval to Jan to December I only got activities until may but mostly Jan and feb amongst my records.

Kind regards


Attached a screen shot for explanation. As you can see it is only from the first part of the year. The same all over the chart. I probably do something wrong…
Happy new year and are looking forward to your help.



Hi again Chad
Maybe that is how it is. I was stronger back then. Just doesn’t feel right. :frowning: :slight_smile:

Probably as simple as that?!



Sorry for the delayed response. I guess I don’t see a problem.

The range is set for the full year, so it will include all the data within that time frame. This is the “Personal Records” section and that this is “bests” chart which will show the best performance within that time for each instance of power duration.

Maybe I don’t understand what you are expecting to see in this chart?


No problem. I think it is fantastic of you to answer even during new year. It was the first time I analyzed the data and didn’t understood it fully. I have really looked into it now and as you say it is as it should be.

I personally I like TrainerRoad very much and more than for example Zwift. Starting up the second base program this winter.

Thanks again. I take the opportunity to market my cycling caps. :grinning:Hope you like the designs. If so let me know and I send you one. New caps are under production.

Happy new year